The ceramic art has grown considerably from the eleventh century with a wide variety of shapes and glazes. The theme is often representative of the Buddhist lotus petals and stylized flowers.

Since fifteenth century, Vietnamese ceramics have been exported to Japan and other neighboring countries. The village of Bat Trang (15 km from Hanoi) is the main production center for ceramics in Vietnam.

Bat Trang is well known for making excellent ceramics paintings. After having been painted, the pictures are put into the kiln and burned with high temperature. This process makes its color long lasting. The major themes like other types are sceneries of traditional villages with quiet rivers, yellow rice field or green ranges of bamboo. Most of these pictures are typical of Bat Trang style, vibrant yet simple. There are now various practices in which the artists use brushes and non traditional color on the background of Bat Trang ceramic tile make the ceramic paintings really spectacular and outstanding. The beauties of them are deep inside the ceramic tile and fine glaze.



Dong Ho Painting

Originating from Dong Ho commune, Bac Ninh province, Dong Ho painting has existed for more than 300 years. The background of the painting is made of a special kind of Dzo paper coated with mollusks powder gives the painting a sparkling look. Natural colors are much more preferred so that even time or daylight cannot make it dimmer. Dong ho paintings revolve around romantic, satirical or humorous themes which are expressed by familiar images of farming life such as rice paddies, village market, or mice wedding. All focus on the aspiration of people for a harmonious, just and happy life which is not always possible due to long history of repeated war and colonialism.